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  • Episode 07 – “Many Happy Returns”

    Join us for Episode 07 – “Many Happy Returns” in which Number 2 sets up a near month long scheme for Number 6’s birthday. It’s some real kooky nonsense with […]

  • Episode 06 – “The General”

    Join us for Episode 06 – “The General” wherein everyone is extremely excited to learn history facts and Number 6 is suspicious as usual. Also the professor has a fake […]

  • Episode 05 – “The Schizoid Man”

    Chris joins us for Episode 05 – “The Schizoid Man” in which Number 6 is Number 12 pretending to be Number 6 but really he’s Number 6 and not Flapjack […]

  • Episode 04 – “Free For All”

    Join us for Episode 04 – “Free For All” wherein Number 6 gets election fever and runs for the position of Number 2. Also we discuss the important issue of […]

  • Episode 03 – “A. B. and C.”

    Will joins us for Episode 03 – “A. B. and C.” in which Number 6 gets drugged and dream inception-ed into repeatedly reliving the worst key party ever. Meanwhile Number […]

  • Episode 02 – “The Chimes of Big Ben”

    Join us as we discuss Episode 02 – “The Chimes of Big Ben” wherein Number 6 gets long con tricked into making a boat for an art competition to keep […]

  • Episode 01 – “Arrival”

    We start our quest for INFORMATION with guest Matt, who joins us to discuss Episode 01 – “Arrival” as we ponder: How many people are in this village? What is […]

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